Virtual Classroom Live Our virtual training is as collaborative and interactive as traditional classrooms

Virtual Classroom Live Instructors

are the same subject matter experts who lead our Classroom courses

Instructor and Peer Interaction

are the same subject matter experts who lead our Classroom courses

Breakout Rooms

Breakouts rooms are prepared for Group Workshops and Activities during the course

Train From Home Without Traveling

by accessing our virtual training from your office, office or anywhere

Access Your Training From Any Device

Attendees can join training sessions from their iPhone, iPad or Android device

Classroom Live Virtual Training

Our virtual training is as collaborative and interactive as traditional classrooms. Don’t believe us? Upon completion of the first day of your Virtual Classroom Live course, if you are not satisfied with the experience, you can receive a full refund.

All Quality Academy virtual classroom sessions are taught by live subject matter experts who are trained to keep you engaged and focused, even when you’re not in the room. Other features of our live virtual training include:

  • Two-way conversations between instructors and classmates
  • Live access to production-quality technical labs and hands-on activities

Virtual Live Classroom Course Requirements

  • The training will be delivered through ZOOM application;
  • Quiet & Private location and room, with no distractions, and with a suitable workstation setup is required during the full training sessions. Public areas ate not allowed;
  • You can attend the training from anywhere at anytime, using a compatible computer; check the minimum system requirements required.
  • To get the most out of ZOOM, you can download and install the full-featured desktop software on your Windows and Mac computer; or You can join training entirely within your web browser (rather than installing and using the ZOOM desktop app);
  • Sharing webcams is a MUST during the course sessions;
  • Learners should set up and test access to the virtual classroom platform (including Speakers, Microphone and Webcam) to ensure everything is working properly before the course starts;
  • Printed copy of the related standard is required to be used during the course sessions;
  • Photographic identification for learners (e.g. Passport, National IDs, ...etc.) is required to be forwarded to your training coordinator before the course starts;
  • For assistance or support needed, you can contact your training coordinator.

Expected Computer Skills

As a learner enrolled in online or blended courses, you will need to have basic computer skills. You are expected to be able to

  • Open files in standard formats (e.g., MS Office documents, PDFs, and images)
  • Good computer typing skills
  • Create, save, organize, and maintain digital files
  • Interact with the learning management system (LMS)
  • Communicate electronically, and
  • Knowledge of web browsing and searching