Transfer your certificate to QA

Transfer to QA

Transfer your certificate to QA

QA as a leader in the Management Systems Certification field provides the highest level of services and expertise in the world of standards. QA delivers an exceptional commitment to its customers through service excellence, support and trustworthiness. Hence, QA is dedicated to preserving the integrity and assisting your business towards a sustainable growth. The experience and expertise shown emphasizes our commitment in empowering your business success.

Transferring your certification to QA can be described as the easiest and smoothest process you have ever encountered as a customer. Our transfer process follows a simple method from the initial contact of showing your interest in transferring your certification to the final process of accepting your transfer to QA and becoming part of our global network of certified companies.

  • Create an initial contact with our Management System Certification Department at while requesting to transfer your certification to QA.

  • Complete the application form provided from our team and send the following required documentation: Last audit report, Status of outstanding nonconformities, Valid certificate issued by an accredited certification body, Stage of the current certification cycle, Reasons for seeking this transfer certification.

  • After the successful review of your documentation, QA will be able to determine the audit duration and next steps based on your current certification cycle. In the meantime, your previous certification body will be informed that you will no longer wish to maintain your certification with them.

  • Upon successful completion of the audit, including here verification of implementation of corrective actions for outstanding major nonconformities and accepting plans of corrections for minor nonconformities, a QA Certificate will be issued, while respecting the dates of the previous certification cycle.

  • Now you can celebrate your achievement!

The benefits of transferring your certification to QA

  • Internationally recognized accreditation by EGAC
  • Competitive quotation with no hidden fees
  • Diligent, thorough and reasonable auditors
  • Assurance of qualified assessors with knowledge of your industry sector
  • Accountability – to your systems, your customer and the standard
  • Transparent communication and hasty replies
  • Experienced professional staff and auditors

Please note: The certificate which is known to be suspended, withdrawn, the certification cycle not maintained or has unresolved nonconformities will not be accepted for tranfer to QA.