Quality Management Postgraduate Diploma Path-Guide

Mandatory Subjects
09 Subjects

Credit Hours
33 Days / 264 hrs.

Grace Period
01 Year

Learning Method
Virtual Classroom

3,000 EGP

QA strives to offer a post-graduate diploma in the field of Quality Management. The aim of this diploma is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their work qualities for employment. As acknowledged by local and regional employers, QA diploma forms an important educational asset for work places as it fulfils employment needs with the necessary knowledge about quality management and productivity improvement. Since this program is primarily concerned with the development of practical skills for students, its courses focus on the practical perspective of quality management through the methods and techniques of quality planning and performance improvement using statistical methods and Six Sigma approach as well as project management mechanism from the quality perspective.


Program objectives:

  • Upgrade the delegates'' qualifications to be competitive in national and international markets through gaining a postgraduate certificate in quality field.
  • Provide delegates in-depth knowledge of the background and implications of quality management systems.
  • Identify the main requirements of legislation and codes of practice and maintain records and information to advice organization management and decision makers.
  • Enable delegates to assess and evaluate hazards and risks and create suitable corrective actions to eliminate risks.
  • Enable delegates to plan, organize, and execute effective audits against different international standards.

Subjects / Courses

Level 01 - Introduction

  1. Introduction to Quality Management
  2. ISO 31000 – Risk Management

Level 02 - Management Systems

  1. CQI & IRCA - ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor
  2. CQI & IRCA - ISO 50001:2018 Lead Auditor
  3. CQI & IRCA - ISO 22301:2019 Lead Auditor

Level 04 - Advanced


  • Worldwide Approved Certificate per each course/subject
  • FREE Practical Application Training
  • FREE Approved Audit Logs
  • FREE IRCA Membership Guidance
  • QA DIPLOMA Certificate