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Posted time June 28, 2023 Location Arab Republic of Egypt, Remote, United Arab Emirates Job type Part Time
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Skills: MS Auditing
  • Language: Arabic and English
  • Qualification: Lead Auditor


All QA training courses worldwide are delivered by QA Certified Trainers who go through a rigorous certification process that evaluates their knowledge, skills, experience, and competences for a given scheme. Trainer certification is a mandatory process that all QA Trainers must go through. Any individual that meets the criteria and requirements set forth in this document can become a QA Certified Trainer.

The role of a QA Certified Trainer is to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills to perform better in their role or position. To do so, trainers should be well-prepared and organized, stay up to date with current trends, have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and display loyalty to their trainees and QA.


  • Building a profile as an expert
  • Obtaining well-paid training mandates
  • Delivering top-quality training course materials
  • Meeting a wide range of professionals from the same field
  • Gaining worldwide teaching opportunities
  • Increasing visibility among other trainers as a QA Certified Trainer Obtaining various benefits as per the QA Trainer Level Scheme


To be eligible to become a QA Certified Trainer, a candidate needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Education: The candidate must have a documented evidence of their Bachelor’s degree or equivalent academic education. As an alternative, candidates with secondary level education may be considered for trainer certification if they can document having at least ten (10) years of professional experience in the respective scheme in which the training course will be delivered.
  • Work Experience: The candidate must have five (5) years of professional work experience, two (2) of which are relevant to the field of training courses to be delivered.
  • Auditing Experience: The candidate must have completed at least 40 Days of 2nd party and/or 3rd party (certification) logged audits.
  • Teaching Experience: The candidate must have two (2) years of teaching1 experience or at least five (5) training courses delivered, the total duration of which should be a minimum of 160 hours. To illustrate scenarios possible, assuming an eight (8) hour course per day:
    Four (4) Lead level courses of 5 days. Total: 40 x 4 = 160 hours
    Three (3) Lead level courses of 5 days + three (3) Foundation level courses. Total: 120 + 48 = 168 hours

The candidate must have at least one CQI & IRCA Lead Auditor certification for the training course they intend to deliver.

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