At Quality Academy, we have helped alot of students achieve professional qualifications, including those accredited by CQI & IRCA - it's what we do, and we really are the experts.

We offer a wide range of CQI & IRCA courses, all carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the relevant CQI & IRCA syllabus. Our courses are developed by experienced CQI & IRCA trainers (many of whom are also IRCA Lead Auditors), who work closely with highly trained educational editors. They are available as taught classroom courses, e-learning courses, or a combination of the two (Distance/Blended learning courses). If you are looking for training for your organisation, we can also tailor our courses to suit your specific requirements.

- CQI & IRCA's Frequently Asked Questions -

Who is CQI & IRCA?
The Chartered Quality Institute is the global chartered body for quality professionals with a unique network of 20,000 members worldwide. The CQI encompass the whole quality community, including quality management professionals and management systems auditors, through its specialist division the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA), the world’s largest professional body of its kind.

We improve the performance of organisations by developing their capability in quality management. We define and lead the quality profession, setting the standards for its capability and scope through the CQI Competency Framework.

The CQI is the only organisation in the world that can award chartered status to quality professionals – an unrivalled mark of excellence which makes its brand one of the most trusted. The CQI supports the development of good governance, agile assurance and a culture of continuous improvement through membership services, training, learning and thought leadership. For more information about the CQI, visit www.quality.org
Levels of CQI & IRCA certified training
CQI and IRCA Certified Foundation courses provide delegates with a basic awareness and understanding of a broad range of skills and knowledge related to quality and auditing.
Foundation courses are designed specifically for individuals who are new to quality or auditing, or who work in other functions or professions.
CQI and IRCA Certified Practitioner courses provide delegates with a full understanding of management level quality and auditing topics and show them how to apply this knowledge in their organisation and industry. These courses are designed specifically for people who are currently practicing in quality or auditing and are in or aspire to middle management.
CQI and IRCA Certified Professional courses provide delegates with a full understanding of leadership and senior management level quality and auditing topics and show them how to apply this knowledge in their organisation and industry. These courses are designed specifically for people who are currently practicing in quality or auditing and are in or aspire to leadership or senior management positions.
By completing a CQI and IRCA Certified training courses you meet the training requirements to support an application for the CQI or IRCA. Depending on the level of the course you have completed you can apply for different grades of membership.
Please note, if you have completed a CQI and IRCA Certified auditing course you are not automatically awarded IRCA Certification. You will need to apply for IRCA membership to gain the IRCA certification that is right for you.
To apply to become an IRCA certificated auditor or a member of the CQI, please visit www.quality.org for more information.
Who is IRCA?

The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) is the leading professional body for management system auditors, offering a globally recognised business qualification. We represent 10,000 registered auditors in 150 countries and every year, around 60,000 delegates attend an IRCA approved training course.

Why should I go on an IRCA certified training course as opposed and non-IRCA auditing course?
The IRCA certified courses delivered by Quality Academy;
  • are regularly reviewed by independent learning specialists to maintain the standard of training
  • have a maximum class size to maximise participation and optimise learning
  • are taught by independently assessed tutors to guarantee the quality of tuition
  • follow a recognised learning style that encourages participation and reinforces learning
  • only use material (hand outs, slides, workshops, groups sessions etc.) that have been proven to add value
  • are recognised by employers globally, as providing employees with the highest standard of tuition shows our dedication to maintain the highest standards of learning as we have voluntarily chosen this monitoring to ensure our courses deliver a quality, delegate-focused learning experience
  • are an easy way to differentiate us from other non- certified training providers
  • are the entry route for registration with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA), the professional body for management system auditors.
What is an IRCA registered auditor?
With so much riding on the outcome of an audit, the competence of management systems auditor is vital and attending a training course is just the first stage in become a fully competent auditor.
IRCA registered auditors are auditors who have:
  • Attended an IRCA certified training course and met IRCA’s standard of technical experience, work experience and audit experience
  • committed to and undertake on-going professional development to keep up to date with developments in standards, auditing methodology, industry and regulatory requirements 
  • committed to working IRCA’s code of conduct
Why should I become IRCA registered?
IRCA registration is a valuable asset in today’s competitive world. With so many auditors around the world, IRCA registration is an easy way to help you stand out from the crowd.

IRCA registration will allow you to:
  • easily differentiate yourself from less qualified auditors
  • show you have business expertise in addition to auditing expertise
  • list yourself on the IRCA register, which is the first stop for organisations looking for qualified auditors
  • connect to a network of 10,000 contacts
  • work internationally with a globally recognised qualification
  • support your career development through your commitment to ethics and CPD.
How do I join IRCA?

If you are interested in becoming an IRCA registered auditor, please visit the IRCA website at www.quality.org to find out more.

Can I get IRCA recognition for passing the IRCA certified course?
If you do not wish to join at present but are interesting in gaining recognition for your achievements so far, you can record your certificate with IRCA. Recording your certificate is free and the benefits include:
  • access the latest news in IRCA’s newsletter – Inform
  • network with fellow auditors in IRCA’s private LinkedIn group
  • keep your skills up-to-date with exclusive access to IRCA’s reports, research and analysis
  • get advance notice of ISO standard changes and how they impact auditors
  • get notified of discounts on IRCA fees
  • obtain official recognition from IRCA.